Thy Word

Thy Word

"For ever, O LORD, thy Word is settled in heaven." - Psalm 119:89

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."
- Matthew 24:35, Mark 13:31, 

Luke 21:23"Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come."    - Matthew 24:42
Winnipeg Prophecy Conference


The 25th annual Winnipeg Prophecy Conference will be taking place again at the Victoria Inn from September 24 - 26, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Speakers for 2015 are: Dr. David Hocking, Dr. Rob Lindsted, Dr. H. H. Barber, Pastor Billy Crone, Dr. Paul Wilkinson and Pastor Don McGee

Our three local speakers John Feakes, John Plantz, and Carl Teichrib 

It's FREE!

It's FREE!

Special thanks to all who have attended the conferences throughout its 24 years.  Because of your generosity, we are able to continue bringing the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference to you free of charge. Join us again in 2015... fee-free!

Dear Friend of the Prophetic Word

Dear Friend of the Prophetic Word

 Dear Friend of the Prophetic Word,

   Uncertainty appears to be the hallmark of our time; Questions loom over the Middle East, trouble abounds in the Ukraine, Europe’s economy – indeed, the world’s economy – is shaky, and social unrest is growing. It’s hard to escape the daily stream of bad news, and the prognosis for humanity finding peace in our own wisdom is bleak. Indeed, the closer we move to the climax of history, the more uncertain the world becomes. Are the tremors we now feel warnings of the tsunami to come? As 2 Timothy 3:1 tells us, “this know... in the last days, perilous times shall come...”
   So what does the future have in store for Israel, the epicenter of Biblical prophecy? How does the rise and fall of nations fit the prophetic landscape? Where is the Christian voice as the world pushes away from God’s grace? How does God respond to Mankind’s pride, that we – not Him – have all the answers? Generations have been favoured by His loving mercy, and thankfully, we know His grace still - yet how long before the Creator of “Heaven and Earth” brings judgment?

  Psalm 2 gives us a glimpse as to God’s perspective; “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision...”

  All of the above fits within the theme of the 2015 Winnipeg Prophecy Conference: “God’s Plan for Israel, the Nations, and the Church in the Last Days.” In considering God’s plan, we are reminded that it is Jesus Christ alone who is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). He is our safe harbour as the waves grow wilder.  He alone is the Spirit of Prophecy.  

   As the Book of Revelation proclaims: “And the Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ And let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely... He who testifies to these things says, ‘Surely I am coming quickly.’ Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!” (Rev. 22:17,20).   Dear friend, the truth of our Lord and Saviour remains firm and sure! His return is prophesised, and His mercy is still available. Even as uncertainty in the world rises and perilous times grow closer, even as we are seemingly overwhelmed with our day-to-day personal struggles, our hope is nevertheless grounded in the One who has demonstrated Himself as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. His word remains true, and as prophetic Scripture reminds us, He is coming again!

  Join us this Thursday, September 24 to Saturday, September 26, 2015 at Winnipeg’s Victoria Inn, as we look to Him who never slumbers or sleeps, who never fails or falters – the Creator of Heaven and Earth! Join us in worship, in celebration, in fellowship, and in hope as we search the Scriptures; being convicted, challenged, and equipped in the truth of Jesus Christ.
Maranatha, the Lord is coming!
Carl Teichrib,
on behalf of the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference Committee
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