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Carl Teichrib is the Chief Editor of Forcing Change.

Forcing Change is an extraordinary intelligence source, providing a unique world-view window with a panoramic sweep of globalization.

Utilizing solid-source materials, on-the-ground contacts and expert analysis, Forcing Change educates and equips its members through its professional monthly journal, documented e-books, and other specialized products; including access to its restricted library of downloadable source documents and reports.

FC's scope is globalization as a total package, including religious and social trends, politics and economics, regional developments, and the influence of special interest agendas - including global environmental initiatives.

Regardless if you're a layperson, professional, politician, business leader, educator, or member of the clergy, Forcing Change is an indispensable compass - your guide through the wilderness of mirrors.  Because globalization crosses all the lines.  

Forcing Change: Making sense of our changing world..


  • The Power Puzzle
  • The Millennium Messiah and World Change
  • Re-Creating Eden
  • Esoteric Christianity
  • Social Engineering for Global Change
  • A Short Guide to Occult Sysbols Series


  • Chief Editor of Forcing Change
  • President of the World's Systems Research Institute Global Research and Christian Education


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